White People And T Shirts

8 03 2008

This post is pretty much exclusively for my sis, Homer, and her husband, Squeegee Monkee.

Many people and cultures view t-shirts as a simple piece of apparel that can be acquired cheaply and worn in casual situations. For white people, it’s never that easy. The t-shirt is one of the most complex and expressive items in their entire wardrobe.

Your choice of casualwear says a lot about you, and there are stringent rules and hierarchies associated with T-shirts that you must know before venturing into any white-dominated social situations.

From Stuff White People Like.

(Homer and the Man-Child-Boy-Monkee that is her husband of like a thousand and 12 years own a screen printing shop. That would probably make more sense to you as why I’m posting this. I am, possibly inaccurately, that this post will make them laugh.)



One response

8 03 2008

Thanks for posting this. I don’t get out of the house much lately, so it’s nice to see what my gringo brethren are up to fashion wise.

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