Third-Party Watch In Tennessee

8 03 2008

Here’s what the fab Joe Lance has to say:

After all, if we fail to preserve our liberty, not much of the rest of this stuff matters. Yes, I support Barack Obama, and I hope he becomes President; but if and when he does, I will be among his leading dissenters should he fail to adequately restore personal freedoms that have been damaged. I’m more flexible on the economic side of things: a little bit of collectivism certainly goes a long way, but it hasn’t been demonstrated to me that peace and security can’t exist without some. I think people are just greedy, but: whatever. My supply of energy is directed toward the civil liberties side of things, and I’ll let others fret about taxes (though I’ll join them in decrying wasteful or unnecessary spending).

Blogging is about what we think, I think?

Isn’t it?

With that said, he’s talking about this.

Good post from our cyber friend in Chattanooga.




One response

8 03 2008


No matter who wins the Dem primary, or the White House for that matter, they all better learn one very important fact…

We’re not putting up with anyone’s bullshit any more!

We elect you? You serve the people. Not the other way around. Not anymore.

Whether it’s us mild mannered folk on the web picking them apart piece by piece, or those nuts at ALF burning down housing tracts that shouldn’t exist to begin with.
We’re not taking this shit lying down anymore.

We want health care for all Americans, this war stopped, our liberties restored and even multiplied, reforms from one end to the other and the Neocon traitor’s asses on a solid gold platter. And we’re going to have it. All of it.

The remodeling of the Democratic Party is a good start. That will happen the moment the Clinton name is gone and the DLC emasculated.
Then be it Obama or McCain, Netroots will make any leader found not to be in compliance wish they never ran for office.

There is no royalty in this country. Just elected officials and the public they find themselves subordinate to.

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