In Where There Is Some Remorse About Snow

7 03 2008

The snow is freaking Scout out. Not because she doesn’t love the snow, but because she is going to interview someone she admires and she doesn’t want the snow to thwart it.

Me, I’m digging the snow. I so hope I can sit in the sun room and watch it fall down all weekend.

I also realize we get an inch and the grocery stores go crazy like Girls Gone Wild. My buddies in Montreal are howling at us.

Oh, and here is a picture of Salar de Uyun on a story I did for Popular Fidelity for absolutely no reason at all.





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7 03 2008

I think snow panic is one of the most charming things about Tennesseans.

It gets on my nerves, but the excitement and charge in the air beats the “so what” cynicism of more northern climes.

It’s part of the fun!

Stay safe, ‘coma.

7 03 2008

You too, Slarti.
I remember how beautiful the snow was in West Nashville (that’s where you are, isn’t it?) and it was BEAUTIFUL.

7 03 2008

Yep – it just started here. Half sleet/half snow. The hills here are what make the view. Looks like y’all might get 6 inches up there!

8 03 2008

Eight inches. Boss called and said not to come in today. Yippee!

8 03 2008

You lucky basstad.
I have to work regardless. I want to work with you. 🙂

8 03 2008

Well, we’ll have to get you caught up on your coil counts and knowledge of luxury foams.

8 03 2008

I could tell you about a bank robbery.
Which froze my ass off yesterday ’cause they wouldn’t let me in the bank.

We have some weird lives, don’t we?

What’s a coil count?

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