LeBron James Brings On The Sexy With Spike Lee

6 03 2008

There are times that I love sports more than Bass Beer.bassaleemptyglass.jpg

And last night when Lebron mouthed, when he only had 38 points on the board at Madison Square Garden to Spike Lee “50” I just about wet myself.

LeBron, that was more than sexy.

Yeah, he was also cool to a fan that he probably shouldn’t have been (but I was cool with it) and score the 50, I was all hot and excited for LeBron.

I dig crap like this.

Better than the Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy “I’m a man! I’m 40!” Yeah, it made me laugh though.

LeBron, you brought it my dear.


Photo credit and whoa.



3 responses

6 03 2008
claudia (cook eat FRET)

lebron is my fave
what a guy…

6 03 2008

When I was in college two guys on my rugby team bet a steak dinner that one of them couldn’t score 5 tries (touchdowns) in the finals of a tournament, which is basically unheard of. He scored 6 of our 7 tries that day.

Another time I asked my opposite on the other team if he was as bad a player as the guy he was replacing at halftime. He responded, “Nah, I’m a little bit better than him. I’m a little bit better than you too.”

I broke his nose.

6 03 2008

Okay, I know you are all married and stuff but AWESOME!
You are also of the cool.

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