I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert

6 03 2008

John over at Lake Neuron tagged me for a new, extra special crunchy memo.

Let’s go:

1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. turn to page 123.

3. find the 5th sentence.

4. post the next 3 sentences.

5. tag 5 people.

I only have one book near me and it is Stephen Colbert’s “I Am America (And So Can You)


Okay, let me find the page. (Wait, got it.)

“At first blush, most would peg me as an average Joe, and I’m proud of that. But my sheepskin announces to all assembled that though I may be a man of the people, I have the keys to the clubhouse. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the phrase, “You went to Dartmouth? I find that hard to believe.”

So, I have to tag five people. If you haven’t responded in the past, I realize you hate these things so I’m going to give you a break. My five are: Megan, Aunt B., Claudia, CeeElCee and Sarcastro.

If you don’t do memes, that’s groovy. If you do, this is a good one.




10 responses

6 03 2008

Coma never tags me. (he admitted a trifle jealously) So I’m really gonna do this one. Unfortunately, there aren’t any book within arms length and the geriatric cat is in my lap, so I’ll probably have to wait a little bit.

6 03 2008

Oh now stop it.
I have tagged you.
412 times.
Or maybe once or twice. 🙂
(SQ found you a new Smiley good luck piece. We are going to need it with Kearse coming back. I used to love him. Let us pray.)

6 03 2008
claudia (cook eat FRET)

i just do foooood on my blog and i have said no to like 5 food related meme’s. i’m a loser kinda jerk regarding these thingee’s.

can you forgive me and not talk bad about me any more than you might anyway???

6 03 2008

Oh, I talk great about you. Just wanted you to know you are adored. It’s all good.
Now, how do I get out of making things out of cream cheese and ham. 🙂
Seriously, you are adored. It’s just a shout out of loooove.

7 03 2008
A Million Times No… « Watching The Defectives

[…] this one from the lovely Newscoma. 1. Pick up the nearest […]

7 03 2008
Brass Ass

No I wasn’t tagged, but it sounds entertaining …

Book: “Under The Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty” by Bradley K. Martin.

“By the early 1960s, though, Kim was tilting toward the Beijing side in the Sino-Soviet dispute. Khrushchev in Moscow was promoting the line that communist countries should de-emphasize military preparations. Instead, they should focus on peaceful competition with capitalist countries to develop their economies.”

7 03 2008
lovable liberal

Damn, I’m too late. I was going to tag you even though you hardly know me.

My sample here.

7 03 2008

Loveable, I’m crazy about you. Don’t doubt it.
(and you have family here?)
Next time you come up, beer or coffee?

8 03 2008
lovable liberal

Could be years, but you bet I’ll look you up.

Most of my closest relatives in NW Tennessee are below ground, but I still have lots of second cousins in Martin and Union City, not to mention Newbern and probably still Humboldt. Take the old highway from Martin to Union City, and you’ll pass by several of my cousins. Some of ’em might even remember me. They’d definitely know my mom, who was just in Martin reuning with her drama pals from UTM in the early 1950s.

8 03 2008

Sounds groovy. That sounds like Gardner. My dad grew up there and even helped build the community center when he was a kid.
Small world, LL.

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