Homer As Dr. Seuss

5 03 2008

Ahh, the craziness of Wednesdays that are my life. Wednesday is the busiest morning of my week and usually makes me want to pull my hair out. This morning, if it hadn’t been for Adams and Ron, I would have seriously thrown loved ones and gadgets .

Hump Day indeed.

With that said, I had to take a picture this morning with a bunch of kids.


It’s Homer as Dr. Seuss. I think she was there to teach people how to read or something. She might have just scared the pre-schoolers into unconsciousness. She even has Think One and Thing Two as her entourage. She’s a regular Brittney Spears with her posse. Oh, and the little boy’s name is Ricin. (I know.) He’s still a cute ass kid.

Either way, I think she looks absolutely adorable.




5 responses

5 03 2008

Cute pic!
But, “Ricin”? Seriously?

5 03 2008

He’s an awesome kid but… yeah. Actually, he’s my special buddy and he’s adorable.

7 03 2008

Yes, I saw this. It’s not like Homer doesn’t have any embarrassing photos of me or anything…

7 03 2008

Ahh, there is that. They are now in my possession.

8 03 2008

Is it just me or does the cute kid look like he just smelled Thing 1 and Thing 2’s butt leakage?

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