Who’s Gonna Win The Primary? Oh, And Put Busy Mom In Jail

4 03 2008

I have no idea.

I’m waiting. Aren’t you?

While you are waiting, have a Goo Goo and wait for the polls. OR, you can put Busy Mom in jail. You know, this is awesome. (Homer’s favorite blogger. Yeah, put her in jail. Damn you, Homer.)

Help her out. It is, of course, of the good.

It could be another six weeks of primary ugly. Or not. And, you know, put Busy Mom in jail.

It is of the fun. She needs some do-re-mi for a good cause.






9 responses

4 03 2008

Hillary should win Ohio. She’s leading there at the moment. Barack should win Texas, he’s leading there now.

Still kinda close as less than 20% of precincts have reported for each state last I looked.

4 03 2008

Six more weeks, Cap’n?
I may scratch my very own eyeballs out.

4 03 2008

Texas is a twister. Hillary leads by 20’000 votes, but only with 39% reporting.
At this rate, Obama will still be ahead of her even if she wins both states. Her margins just aren’t big enough. Especially in two states that she should be well ahead in.

I need a drink. Join me?


4 03 2008

Okay. I will.
Kona, I accidentally stopped on Fox and my eyes are bleeding. I will drink and wash my brain in bleach.
Then, I’ll be right over. 🙂

4 03 2008

FOX! Ewwwwwww 😦

Don’t forget to de-louse.

4 03 2008


I got “Newcastle Brown, it can sure smack ya down”…

Just rolled one with the remainder of the Mango Indica I scored last week.

Six more weeks of misery, and Hillary still will never close the delegate gap.
Ah well, symbolism is important to some.


4 03 2008
Busy Mom

Bwahahaha! Thank you!

I’ve never done hard time, don’t intend to start now.

They actually are going to take me away April 3rd. Don’t know what I’m getting into.

5 03 2008

You suck Newscoma!!!!! I’ll put you in jail for your lies……..love ya

5 03 2008

Homer, you ain’t right.

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