Sharper Image Gift Cards Useless

4 03 2008

If I had bought a loved one a Sharper Image gift card, I think I would be uber pissed right now.

You know that Sharper Image gift card you got for Christmas? Right now, it’s worthless. And other gift cards in your wallet could lose their value, too.

As more retailers file for bankruptcy or go out of business, more than $75 million in gift cards are at risk of becoming worthless pieces of plastic this year.

I love gift cards. I have four in my pocket and I guess I’ve been saving them for a rainy day fund.

I may have to go spend them. Right now. (Wait, two are for Wal-Mart. I just hate going to Wal-Mart and that’s why I haven’t redeemed them. Wal-Mart is never going away. Sigh. But I need a new tire so money spent.)

It does make you think though.




2 responses

4 03 2008
jim voorhies

‘Coma, you ought to replace tires in pairs. The idea is that each axle has a similar tread pattern on both ends. In rain or snow or other crappy weather, one tire grippping better or worse than the tire on the other end of the axle can send you spinning.

Sorry, I know that sux hugely.

4 03 2008

According to Consumer Reports, $8 Billion (with a ‘B’) in unused gift cards last year. But yeah, I’d be pissed.

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