Memphis Zombies

4 03 2008

There are many times that I find my heart beating to the joy that is Memphis. Today is no exception.

It’s almost Zombie time again. I missed it last year. I WILL not this year.

TheoGeo tells us of a benefit concert on March 15th. And look at the groovy poster.

Zombies get in at a reduced cost, as it should be.


And Fearless VK is also talking it up. And here is Memphis Zombie MySpace page as well as their Flickr site.

And there was a short made about last year’s event. You can go here to see Daniel Lee’s take on some of this.

Zombies even makes primary days better.




3 responses

4 03 2008

It says “Chasing Squirrels” not “Chasing Squirrel Queens”. I just thought I point that out. Squirrel zombies however, hmmm.

4 03 2008

The Undead chasing my tree climbers!?!?! That’s nuts!

5 03 2008

Woot! Hope to see you there!

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