What If Horton Heard Doctor Who?

3 03 2008

From Sluggy Freelance via Behind the Sofa, today we are given the joy of this cartoon.





5 responses

3 03 2008

I giggled outloud. Thanks.

3 03 2008

Poor Horton, he was schizophrenic you know. The mad Dr. made him that way.

And those Who’s, those abominable Who’s. They tormented Horton from the moment he found them. There he was, peacefully hatching an egg and going about his merry way, then they came. The voices. The Who’s!
I mean, the guy was just enjoying himself in the pool, and the cool of the day, on the fifteenth of May……… in the jungle of Nool.

Hooorrtonnnnn, Hooorrttooonnnn, It drove the poor pachyderm crazy. He started seeing Kangaroos, ill tempered monkeys, Wickershams….
Then those little bastards went on to torment the Grinch, spreading their evil even on Christmas day.

And as if that wasn’t enough torment for Horton, the unspeakable soon happened. The GOP (Wickershams) decided to make his likeness their symbol. Some sort of mockery no doubt.

So sad 😦

5 03 2008

I LOVE you for posting this.

6 03 2008

Well I love you too!

6 03 2008

Oh we all know Tom Baker would somehow work his way into it….

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