The Trouble With Harry

3 03 2008

Miss Graveley: How old do you think I am young man?
Sam Marlowe: Hmm… fifty. How old do you think you are?
Miss Graveley: Forty-two! I can show you my birth certificate.
Sam Marlowe: I’m afraid you’re going to have to show more than your birth certificate to convince a man of that.

And this is what I’m watching. The Trouble With Harry, where the spinster is Miss Graveley, who is freaking out because she’s … 42. Alfred. But then again, this was filmed 53 years ago when this was done.

Umm, I’m 42.

Yeah, I know.





5 responses

3 03 2008

How old was she when she did that movie? Is that what I look like? Crap. May as well quit shaving my legs.

3 03 2008

And sell your high heels and buy you some of those really deep underpants… don’t forget that too. I’m “hrr hmm ack” 43, 44 in June, not feeling the happy about that too much.

3 03 2008

I love this movie. I know it was a bomb for Hitch when it was originally released, but for some reason it makes me giggle. What’s not to love about a young Shirley McClain with the Beav as her son.

3 03 2008

44’s not so bad, missy. I was born in ’64 too. 🙂

I just figure I’m somewhere between Ensure and Depends. And I can Bench press almost 300 lbs. ;P

Of course there’s the mountains of weed I smoker up on a daily basis.
Coupled with three ice cold Newcastle Browns a night, and a bi-yearly treatment of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, I swear I’ve found the fountain of youth.

You’re not getting older, baby. You’re getting better.

4 03 2008

I feel pretty good at my age (other than that stupid bronchitis of the past couple of weeks) but it amazed me that the movie had Natwick as the old, sad, unloved spinster at what is my age.

Getting older and it’s pretty groovy. The alternative isn’t so good. 🙂

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