Mick Jagger And The Hells Angels

3 03 2008

Does anyone find this as bizarre as I do?


So let me get this straight. Hells Angels members had an assassination attempt hatched against Mick Jagger.

Here’s my favorite part of the CNN story:

Gang members hatched a plan to kill Jagger at his holiday home in Long Island, New York, the BBC claims. Their attack by sea was thwarted when a storm hit their boat, throwing the men overboard, the program says

How the hell were they going to kill him at sea? Were they going to throw sea monkeys at him?  They were thrown overboard? Why didn’t they just ride their hogs up to his house? I realize it was a different time then, but still …

And I release a bone-rattling sigh. (Of course, while I’m sorta laughing.)

Incidentally, although it doesn’t make a bit of difference, Mick tuns 65 this year. Whoa.

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3 03 2008

Actually on first glance I kinda assumed it had something do with Altamont and the Meredith Hunter shooting and all that. That was a really ugly scene, both what happened at the show and for a long time after that, and Jagger, in doing damage control post-shooting, was VERY vocal and very negative in the press for a long time afterwards about the Angels and what happened, including repeatedly expressing regret that the Stones had hired the Angels for security at the concert.

With this new news tho, the curious thing to me is why the Angels even really CARED that he was mouthing off and being so negative. I’m gonna guess someone was just harboring a major grudge or had some psychopathic fantasy about killing one of the world’s most famous rock stars, ‘cos really it just doesn’t make much sense to me that any of the Angels gave that much of a damn that Jagger was dissing them so much in the press.

3 03 2008

I don’t know. The whole thing at sea is just amazing.
But I figured it was Altamont as well, but you know, this happened a million years ago.
In Internet timesphere, it would be three millions years ago. 🙂
I’m with you, why would the Angels care?
And, as SQ said, why weren’t they on their hogs and in a boat.
Suspect, you know.

3 03 2008

Ha, speaking of Mick Jagger, this is absolutely hilarious – “Jagg Off” http://youtube.com/watch?v=kdqMFxDyLMI

3 03 2008

I just see a plan that involved 14 bongs, 32 cases of beer, some brown likker, and a bunch of guys sitting around sayin’ Hey ya’ll, how’s about we do this?”

Like all good plans, something completely unforeseen usually goes awry.

3 03 2008

I’m guessing the reason they were thrown “overboard” is the fact that they were members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, not the Hells Angels Yacht Club.

4 03 2008

The angels cared about the ‘dissing’ because security was their job, they didn’t just do it for the Stones but for other bands aswell and bad press means less work.

They attacked by boat because of the security out the front of Mick’s house, they needed a way to get in and they found one.

15 03 2008

All year I have been reading about hells angels in many states in court charged with murdering or molesting women and children. I just read about one mistrial the jury 8 guilty 4 not guilty for and angel accused of murdering 2 teenage girls. I hope they have another trail soon. The evident seemed overwhelming to me. Also they have a member going to court that had many neat folders of child porn on his laptop. I think he was headed for a big hells angels event when caught with the laptop and cocaine the news paper said. Then we had the hells angel shoot women in the back of the head in Maine get 55years then another member in Mass has 3 orders of protection from 3 different women and he is also charges with molesting a minor. Then their Paul from Arizonian another member on the run charged with murdering a mother of 6 brutally. Dan I remember 20 years ago in NY state they had another President with child sex crimes and child porn. I can remember reading about family’s father’s mothers and children murdered by this gang. I hope all the women and children are very careful around these clowns. I have read about these cases in the paper this year. I wonder how many cases I did not see. I know you can’t believe everything you read but I know I do not want to see women and children around a gang that has had this many members involved in these incidents. Considering the extremely small amount of members in that club in the USA that seems to be a very large percent. They say they look over each member carefully and you have to have what they are looking for. Hmmm is this what they are looking for?

15 03 2008

Hire Me for security and you can move next door to the scumbags and pissout your window on them

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