Lizard Man, Bad Movies and Angry Journalists

3 03 2008

A couple of links for you on this windy Monday afternoon.


Went to see The Other Boleyn Girl.  DO NOT see this movie if you have any in-depth knowledge of Tudor era history.  DO NOT see this movie if you’ve read the book.  It’s the cinematic version of Cliff Notes for Inaccurate English Reformation History.  A frackin’ Harlequin historical romance!  Beyond disappointing.  The real history behind this movie is so much better, read it instead.

It’s not my kind of movie because there aren’t any zombies or vampires in it as well as there isn’t any Simon Pegg because all movies need Simon Pegg in them, but with that said, I’m thinking that Missy needs to write movie reviews for a living.

That’s just awesome. 




One response

3 03 2008

Hey, thanks for the kudos… mucho appreciated. Yeah, not my favorite movie… should have known not to expect much when it appeared that every girl group in town was at the show. You know them, the sweats and twinkies crowd, yeah, them. There were trailer parks really missing their mommys all over town that night.

OBTW – that word that makes you all 11 again? That’s half my last name, yeah really, it is. For realz. I know, amazing. Glad it’s the married-into half… going through school with that and red hair would have been way too much to expect. Imagine all the emo that would have gone along with that combo.

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