George “Goober” Lindsey’s Film Festival

3 03 2008

I must tell Squirrel Queen as she has a George “Goober” Lindsey story that is, in a word, horrifying. Of course, he was fine but his “fans” sort of lost it. I think there could have possibly been violence (naah, I’m just kidding) but it was bizarre.

She really needs to come clean on Goober.


So, anyway, he has a film festival happening.

Goober(aka George Lindsey)from the Andy Griffith Show will be having his 11th annual film festival in a few days in Florence, Al on the UNA Campus. This years special guest will be the actor Billy Bob Thornton. I still laugh everytime I hear that name. Im sure Lindsey doesnt mind because it made him famous. But still how would you like to go around having people call you goober all the time. His website is

Thanks to Turnbow for pointing this out as I can’t help but be amused and somewhat surprised that Goober has a film festival. But, if Billy Bob is going to be there, Groovy.

Oh, and this is great. I got the photo from there.

I love pop culture.




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3 03 2008

I’m more amused that Alabama has more than two or three colleges… they must not have to give up much for the in-state tuition crowd. Woah, sorry about that snark… can’t ever see those coming can you?

3 03 2008

It was always so groovy when I was at UNA that this went on. There are a lot of cool little festivals that go on in that area–UNA’s an awesome college and it has a great effect on the community.

3 03 2008

So you’re surprised Goober’s got a film fest.
I’ve got two words for you – Jim Varney.
“Earnest goes to Goober’s Filmfest”
Available on DVD in the $3 bin at WalMart.

3 03 2008

Holly, Small town colleges are amazing about thinking outside the box. We had a showing of The Host here not too long ago and I sadly missed it.

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