One Person At A Time

2 03 2008

I want you to know, finally, I’m off the steroids. I haven’t killed anyone, no one has been maimed and I’m feeling much better albeit as weak as a Gallup Poll on primary day.

Ahh, bronchitis, how you thwarted me this past ten days. (Bronchitis is a bitch, my friends. Bronchitis is the new black for me at least.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the negativity around the democratic primaries and watching everyone knock each other about as Obama and Clinton head toward the finish line. As a “good” democrat, I’m watching the race and how it impacts all of the party long-term. I’ll be honest, I have been very disappointed with the corporate hoo-haw of both candidates. And I’m done with the whole TNGOP thing because in the long run, Hobbs and Co. won to a degree. Tennessee’s name was mentioned a thousand times in relationship to that goofy press release and now we go ahead and pick up the pieces. But don’t doubt it, Tennessee was mentioned negatively globally and we’ve been discussed globally not for as much about our character as our politics. I’ve said it before on how this depicts our wonderful state nationwide. There’s no reason to hammer it again.

It’s the way I feel. And I agree with Silence. The Internet will move on. It already has.

And it was not only talked about on Keith Olbermann but in the local juke joints and coffee shops here.

You did know they vote in rural America, didn’t you?

But, it was not so negative because SQ, Badger Beth and I talked to about five people Friday night and told them that A.) Obama isn’t a Muslim (One Baptist person was shocked that he was Church of Christ and this became the conversation), B.) Hussien is a name. Hell, my middle name is Lynn and hers is … wait for it … Lucille (!) so we have what our mamas gave us (and I’m horribly jealous of the middle name of Lucille, quit frankly.) We talked to undecided voters and it made an impression (even two Republicans) and so this goofy situation had a positive impact in a local, intimate setting. C.) We also discussed locally with some people that did work in economic and industrial recruitment that this doesn’t help rural Tennesseans and as much as I hate that, at least there is a dialogue going on about it. Just one more thing. We realized one person at a time sitting down with a small group of people can discuss these things and try to think of solutions. It was actually quite invigorating.

And, for the record, SQ and I support different people in this race, but that’s her story to tell (and she gave me permission to say that.) What we both support collectively is the Democratic Party not only nation-wide, but in our state.

Five people isn’t 5000, but it isn’t bad. It, for us, was about talking about the facts that we investigated independently in comparison to what the spin is. And though we may or may not have garnered the party votes, we at least cleared up some of the myths that were designed by political spin.

With that said, I’m not hating on Hillary with these things. Listen, if you want the candidate line on Hillary, The Tennessee Guerilla Women love her and are fighting for her. Go there. If you want the Barack Obama line, then go see Braisted.  They are going to give you what you want if you are a die-hard in the wool fan. And I commend them for what they are doing.

Me, I gave my vote to Obama. I read the issues and I’m cool with my decision. I talk to people about why I did and why I’ll vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination.

And we head on to more. You guys know as well as I do that things are going to get incredibly ugly in the next couple of months

We wait for Denver.

Let’s just hope we get there soon.


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9 responses

2 03 2008

Did you have to take that horrendous Biaxin for Bronchitis? I swear, that stuff makes a person feel worse than they did to begin with.

2 03 2008

No. I only had some new inhalator, a zpack, a steroid pack and Codi-clear, which made me whacky.
Oh, and two shots and steroid breathing treatments.
That I didn’t kill anyone, Sharon, is amazing.

2 03 2008

Glad you’re feeling better, ‘coma. 😉

And you didn’t get dragged before congress for steroid use either.
Imagine that.


2 03 2008

Call me Coma Clemens.:)
Capt’n… You make me smile.

2 03 2008

Dude…what Sharon said about Biaxin…it made me feel like I was being poisoned. That stuff wrecks your system.

I’m so glad you’re on the flip side of this experience.

2 03 2008

Thank God I made someone smile today. I just got banned from KnowViews because someone’s wife can’t handle being challenged in discourse.

Watch out if you’re hanging out over there, if you disagree with the Queen, off with your head!

Sad though, I thought the debate over there would be open and uncensored.
Ah well, that’s why we have blogs of our own.

3 03 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Glad you’re feeling better. As soon as you de-germify, and I build up some dubloons, I’m coming to Hooterville on my new, big, ugly scooter, y’know.

3 03 2008

You know Lucille is the name of one of my twins. Lucille & Josephine (Lucy & Josie, generally, and occasionally Jocille & Luciphine).

I love that name. It’s my grandmother’s name as well.

3 03 2008

It’s SQ’s grandmother’s name too. I think it’s awesome!!

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