American Gods by Neil Gaiman Is FREE!

2 03 2008

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is Free, Free, Free.


This is sort of an experiment. Gaiman talks about it:

I’m currently talking to Harpers about ways we can make the American Gods online reading experience a more pleasant one. And about ways to give American Gods away that would make Harper Collins happy while also making, say, Cory Doctorow happy too.

I was surprised by a few emails coming in from people accusing me of doing bad things for other authors by giving anything away — the idea being, I think, that by handing out a bestselling book for nothing I’m devaluing what a book is and so forth, which I think is silly.

More here.

This is an experiment, you know.

And here it is. One month only.

Gaiman is awesome, you know.

And because it’s an experiment in online marketing, it will probably piss people off.

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4 responses

2 03 2008

I think it is a great idea…and a great book.

2 03 2008

oh my god! yay

2 03 2008

I used to read Neil Gaiman every month, back when I actually was living in a place where I knew the comic book dudes. (Here I have no idea if we even have a comic book store nor do I care enough about the form to have looked it up in the last five years.) However, if Gaiman’s doing it, it will be worth reading and I will probably read it and maybe this will reawaken my pleasure in graphic novels. If so, then he’s done the right thing and Harper-Collins should be happy.

4 06 2008

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