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1 03 2008


Jagadiah is getting into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As she and I have very similar tastes in television, I’ve found myself actually waiting for her updates about the classic. Her twitter updates have been just awesome.

I have found that I am a creature of the new age of television and DVDs. There is something awesome about marathoning television shows. Ten years ago, we didn’t have this option in our television viewing of being able to commit to a quick viewing of bulks of a series.

The days of waiting from week-to-week have been altered. And, with cable competing with networks for viewers, all-day marathons, for me at least, are a wonderful escape.(And yeah, I will watch a marathon of just about anything. Well, not “According to Jim” marathons because that would just be torture.)

Joss Whedon could not have done this series, or the follow up Angel, any better. Teenage angst, budding sexuality, and so many metaphors for dealing with “personal” demons.

With that said, let’s go back to vampires. Joe Powell is writing about them over at this house today.

Yeah, I’m love me a good vampire. He and I both liked 30 Days of Night but not everyone did.

We are purists. The bloodier the better.

That’s how we roll.




7 responses

1 03 2008

I liked the stark contrast of the blood on the snow in the overhead shots and the frenzy of activity that created it in 30 Days of Nights.

2 03 2008
Joe P.

well said SQ!

4 03 2008
Sarah Dobbs

Hated 30 Days of Night, but am thinking of revisiting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think I’ve seen better TV shows since (Firefly, and The Lost Room come to mind) and I’m halfway through revisiting Angel (hit the season 3 slump and didn’t want to carry on even though 4 and 5 are my favourite seasons!) but, yes, craving Buffy. That show made me who I am today.

4 03 2008

I think 30 Days of Night was flawed, but I did love that overall shot where the town is being destroyed. The biggest problem about that movie for me is I felt no connection to the lead characters, other than Marlow.
As for Buffy and Angel, I love them. Firefly was absolutely awesome and I enjoyed the hell out it.
All three of those shows (and I wish we had gotten the chance with Firefly) took such a commitment not only from us as viewers but from Whedon and crew. I adore smart television. 🙂
Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. I LOVE your websites.

4 03 2008
Sarah Dobbs

I just added you to my RSS reader, so I could keep up with your blog properly – it’s great! I’ve just moved house this weekend, though, which is why I’m only now commenting. Which was a very long way to say not very much.

The thing with 30 Days of Night was that, yeah, I felt no connection to anyone. There weren’t really any characters, and thus no real tension. There was a lot of illogic – i.e. Alaska apparently doesn’t even have sheriffs, so why make your lead character a sheriff? Why can’t planes take off in the dark – they do it all the time! Setting it in a real place made the logical flaws stand out more than they would if it were just some fictional place. I also found it overlong and rather dull. Shame, ’cause I’m desperate for a really, really good vampire movie.

And re: TV, I heartily recommend The Lost Room. I think it’s only about 6 episodes, and the plot synopsis does it no justice at all. It’s pretty much the perfect TV show.

4 03 2008

I need to watch The Lost Room. I have heard only good things.
And, I agree, I want a really, really good vampire movie to knock my socks off. And there really hasn’t been one in a while.

31 03 2008

I’m such a slacker and never check my links.

Hush was AMAZING. I want to watch it now after seeing that picture. I’m finishing Buffy tonight. I’ll be looking for you online.

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