Tom Brokaw And Will Ferrell

28 02 2008

There are about 50 reasons I adore Tom Brokaw. Today, at Mediabistro, there is a post about Brokaw and Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrell’s character from The Anchorman) who were on stage for Funny or Die over the weekend.

Burgandy said

I don’t know if you remember that broadcasters’ convention that you and I were at in Lake Tahoe, Nev., and we got in a BB gun war with Roger Mudd and Morley Safer. And then you convinced me to get on a snowmobile and ride into a casino with Diane Sawyer. Do you remember she took her top off?

The Post reports Brokaw played along, saying, “A lot of people thought it was one of your more dignified moments.”


Here’s the story at The Post.

And here’s the whole story about the whole Funny or Die event. It’s pretty good.


And damn, Tom looks good in this picture.





2 responses

28 02 2008

I have thought he was a beautiful man since I was a wee one. This is great.

28 02 2008

Me too, Holly. I admit I have a Brokaw crush. 🙂 When I get over this bronchitis, SUSHI at Fujiyama. The Cajun Roll is righteous.
Ask Hutch. He’ll tell you it is the bomb.

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