Bruce Jenner Riding A Flying Alligator (Correction: It’s Ace Rimmer)

28 02 2008

Can anyone explain to me why Bruce Jenner is riding an alligator in this clip at Monkeys for Helping?

And, no, I’m not lying. It’s Bruce Jenner  Ace Rimmer flying through the sky on the back of an alligator.



(UPDATE: It’s not Bruce Jenner. Bridgett solves the mystery in the comments!)




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28 02 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

‘Gator sky-surfin’!

Yeah, when I did acid… this one time… at band camp…

28 02 2008

Hee. That’s hysterical.

28 02 2008

‘Coma, that’s not Bruce Jenner. That’s Chris Barrie. I’m outing myself as a big nerd, but the scene is from Red Dwarf, when Chris’s character (the sniveling coward Arnold Rimmer) is through a series of events remade as a larger-than-life Indiana Jones type guy known as Ace. He had been left by a bad guy on a crashing airplane to be eaten by an alligator — his solution was to surf to safety on the alligator. Which then lands on two hapless Nazi guards. But that’s another story.

28 02 2008

Thanks Bridgett. No wonder when I was googling info on this I couldn’t find anything.
Everyone keeps telling me I need to watch Red Dwarf. I’m thinking after this, I’m in!

He sort of looks like Jenner though. 🙂

29 02 2008
Christian Grantham

HA HA!!! How did I miss this? You slay me. SLAAAAYYYYY me! If I could find a suit like that, I’d totally recreat that moment of cinematic brilliance.

29 02 2008
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29 02 2008

Christian, I’m glad you enjoyed this. I laughed my ass of at it when I saw it yesterday and, yes, I want a flying alligator and a shiny suit too.!!!

7 05 2008
Bruce Jenner

You’re right, it’s not me.
It IS funny, though!

8 05 2008
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8 05 2008
Kathy T.

I’ve never had a celeb comment! It becomes more clear every day that the ‘Coma is THE shiznit! Coma! Coma! Coma!

8 05 2008


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