Bigfoot Memories

28 02 2008

Okay, just found this about Bigfoot and I’m mightily annoyed because I want to go on a Bigfoot hunt and I can’t. I think these steroids I’ve been on all week would enhance the experience. And, yeah, I’m off of ’em tomorrow but I can’t help but wonder if I will miss them.

Call me Jose Canseco.

But, I want you to read the last graph of this because this is when I grew up and I was one of those people fascinated with all-Bigfoot-all-the-time. I had all the Bigfoot, Aliens, Ira Levin (not real but you know) and lost civilizations in parallel universe books.

Bigfoot never really went away. Every three years or so, a sighting somewhere in Northern California or the Pacific Northwest causes a stir, and a few mainstream journalists who are facing a slow news week trek through the woods, come back empty and write a story about a bunch of crazy folks who say they saw the creature.

But these little blips are nothing compared to a period of maybe 14 months in 1977 and 1978, when Bigfoot was bigger than John Ritter, Peter Frampton and Jesus combined. If you had a show on television at this time, Bigfoot had to make an appearance. “The Incredible Hulk.” “The Six Million Dollar Man.” I don’t remember seeing Bigfoot on “Little House on the Prairie,” but he must have passed through Walnut Grove once — and he probably visited “Good Times,” too.

I never saw Bigfoot on “Good Times” I admit. But I remember the Bigfoot craze. It was, in a word, exquisite.

I did see Legend of Boggy Creek though. With Dawn Welles of Mary Ann/Gilligan’s Island fame. I always thought she was the sexy one.


Yeah, my parents actually condoned and guided this obsession. They were groovy that way.

UPDATE: I got some things confused in my diseased, oxygen-deprived brain about Boggy Creek. Two more days of steroids campers and then I might be my normal sad self. Anyway, Pesky sets it straight and I relive Drive-In moments in the comments. 




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28 02 2008

Don’t you watch Venture Brothers? Bigfoot and Steve Austin lived happily ever after.

28 02 2008

I know. I love Venture Brothers! I’m very happy for both of them.
Long live the memories of the 70s but, hell, I don’t want to go back there. Wasn’t too fond of disco and spandex (of course, I was about 11 years-old.)

28 02 2008
Scott Hepburn

Hey there…came across your post via Technorati. I live in the booming metropolis of Charlotte, NC…not too many BigFoot sightings ’round these parts.

I did, however, hear a hilarious story from one of my clients in Oregon. He owns a specialized shoestore up there, and somebody apparently walked off (pun intended) with a 4-foot shoe he had on display. BigFoot, perhaps? I’d love it if you check out my post about it.

Love your writing!

28 02 2008

Now there’s a clue, Scott!

All we have to do is look for anyone with long hair and one missing size 28 Reebok cross-trainer.

28 02 2008

Oh Newscoma, I hate to outgeek you, but…

I saw Boggy Creek at a Drive-in in 1973 when I was 6-years-old. Watched from the back seat of a white ’66 Dodge Charger with dark green leather seats. There were swings and slides in front of the screen where I played until the cartoons started. Me and my mom and dad had the most awesome pepperoni pizza I’ve ever put in my mouth. To this day it’s my standard. I remember that night very well. And the nightmares I had for years afterward. And, contrary to your assertion Dawn Welles (who I agree, is the sexy one), wasn’t in it. Dawn Welles (and the late Dana Plato of Diff’rent Strokes fame) were in Return to Boggy Creek which was released in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

The former was a low budget documentary-style film made by novice filmmakers. It cost thousands and made millions. The latter— well, I don’t know if it made much money or not, but it wasn’t associated with the original. I remember seeing it on TV and being REALLY disappointed. There was a third Boggy Creek movie too, but I don’t remember anything about it.

28 02 2008

I saw it at the drive in too! Southern Drive-Ins are the best. (Joe Bob, what happened to him incidentally)
And you’re right. SQ noticed that I got them confused.
You are absolutely correct! (I’m also on some gross hydro cough syrup when I wrote that with the lovely added stimulant of steroids for a yucko case of bronchitis. My brain is sadly broken this past week. I need an editor, copywriter and life coach as well as a winning lottery ticket.)
Now, if you really want to laugh, After I saw the second one also at the Drive-In when Hooterville was blessed with four in the area, we sat in lawn chairs in the back of pick-up truck and I remember the police searching this plastic bin we had filled with Sterling beer because it was all we could find from a little convenience store where the old guy running it wouldn’t let us buy Budweiser. True Story.
I did see Boggy Creek 3 and didn’t make it through. SUCKED!

Yeah, you outgeeked me and thanks for making the correction.

28 02 2008

I saw Harry and the Hendersons, does that count?

3 03 2008

Ha! I saw Harry and the Hendersons floating in an innertube in a pook at some water park outside of Atlanta.

Me & my Bigfoot movies!

6 03 2008
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