And They Wondered Why Folks Got A Bit PO’d …

28 02 2008

This bit of news will make Jane at Hillbilly, Please happy.




8 responses

28 02 2008

Did you see the two comments (thus far) on this thing you’re linking to? Awesome.

28 02 2008

I just went back over there when I saw your comment.
Damn, we live in a lovely tolerant world of peace and flowers, don’t we?

28 02 2008

Indeed. It’s just too predictable and stupid to make me angry though. I started cracking up when I read said comments. And don’t you know the author are so very pleased with themselves.

28 02 2008

I sighed then showed them to Squirrel Queen (we live together) and she started snorting.
You are right, they are VERY pleased with themselves.
Peace, flowers and inbreeding. At least they didn’t add meth, flip flops in church and trailers (which is what we get in northwest Tennessee.)

28 02 2008

I can’t stop laughing at it. I really can’t. To quote Bugs Bunny, what a bunch of maroons.

28 02 2008

Flip flops in church?

28 02 2008

I think (because I don’t go to church) that if there are sparkly things on them, it’s allowable.

29 02 2008

I know plenty of suburban teen-princesses who believe that such a thing as “dress flip-flops” exsist, and that by the addition of some sequins or seashells, their rubber ‘flops are suddenly elevated to sandal status.

These are girls who would snatch you baldheaded if you called them hillbillies.

The flip-flop thing, like the g-string-underpants-sticking-over-the-top-of-hiphugger-jeans thing, is just one of the symptoms of our ailing modern fashion sense across a broad cultural swath.

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