The Blogging World Is A Small Intimate Place

27 02 2008

I’d like to take a moment and thank David Selvin for stopping by this blog and sharing a story about his father, Rick, who I wrote about a couple of weeks back in a post called “Oswald Still Dead.”

David has a new blog himself and his story once again brought us a story about the humor and wisdom of his father.

I’m sometimes overwhelmed about who stops by. Norman Lear popped by last year to talk to Ms Loraine Barr who also had a few words.

When these things happen, I’m humbled.

Blogging has made the world so much smaller.





One response

27 02 2008

Everyone loves you. Isn’t it obvious? 😛

When you get a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool nut like Norman Lear, you’ve hit the big time. What I wouldn’t give to sit around and talk 70’s subculture with that guy. 🙂

I warn you, T… if you’re going to go around being all nice like you do, people are going to want to talk to you. 😉

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