The Rolls From Memphis

26 02 2008

Oh Memphis. How I love you!

A person was shot while pumping gas at a Memphis filling station Monday evening.

Officials said the shooting happened shortly before 6:00 p.m at the BP station near Crump and Mississippi Boulevard in Memphis. As the victim was pumping gas, he was approached by two suspects, one of whom shot him.

After the shooting, the suspects fled the scene. Moments later, their car was pulled over by an officer on routine patrol, after the officer spotted them running a red light.

The suspects jumped out of their car and ran. Police are still actively searching for them.

Police said the suspects go by the names “Butter Roll” and “Corn Roll.”

You cannot make this up. Next time I see Butter Roll and Corn Roll, I will contact the police immediately.

I am now known as Coma Roll.

For the record, the victim is all right.



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26 02 2008
John I. Carney

This post made me think of a joke from Saturday’s “Weekend Update” on SNL. I found it on the NBCU Media Village transcript:

POEHLER — “It was announced this week that butter and sweets will no longer be on the menu at New York City jails. Great news for inmates ‘Butter’ and ‘Sweets.'”

The joke was funnier, of course, if you saw the fake mugshots they had prepared to depict the clueless inmates.

26 02 2008

Konaroll ?

Ahh, never mind.

26 02 2008

i’ma be cinnamon roll…and i love ya’ll’s news there 🙂

26 02 2008

Sounds like a Memphis police officer doesn’t know the word “cornrow” when he hears it.

26 02 2008

You’re On A Roll today, Coma!

26 02 2008
Busy Mom

That’s how she rolls, y’all.

27 02 2008

More than nicknames, I’m struck by the words “filling station.” Who wrote that? There are no filling stations in Memphis! They are gas stations.

27 02 2008

“filling station.” Who wrote that?


Someone my age or older.

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