Prince Is Having A Hip Replacement

26 02 2008


And, alas, I’m feeling just a tad bit old hearing that news.




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26 02 2008

Prince is my favorite artist of all time.

His live performances are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen, and this news means he might not be able to dance again.

I may just cry. 😦

26 02 2008

I’m really feeling ancient. I guess I’ve officially hit middle age. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m too poor for a red sportscar and too tired for an affair.
But when I hear news like this, I at least want to go on a cruise and be all mid-life crisisy.


26 02 2008

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine turned 50. I was teasing her mercilessly about it. I said, “Now you’ll be too old to go out and party with me!”

She said, “That’s OK, honey — we’ll just go party on my AARP card.”

I like that idea. Discounted liquor!

26 02 2008

That seems like a plan. (Eyeing fifty with joy and hope now.)

26 02 2008

Well, he may be technically 49, but when you think where that hip has been and what it’s done, it’s got to be at least 150, I can see the need.

27 02 2008

He can dance again, as long as he does his physical therapy correctly and rebuilds his muscle strength according to doctors’ orders. Plus, as young as he is, getting the anesthesia out of his system and getting back to normal will be a snap.

I feel less embarrassed about needing one now, I gotta tell ya. If The Purple One can do it, so can I. I’ve been joking with my uncle and aunt that we’re going to get a volume discount and all room together in rehab. (My aunt cracks up at Amy Winehouse’s song anyway, so I guess we can sing it together while we’re in physical therapy.)

6 06 2008

I seriously doubt his hips blew out just from dancing, i mean think of all the poontang he’s gotten over the years. I’m sure his back will be blown out next if he keeps long strokin the ho’s after the shows. I volunteer to offer my services to help in the banging of broads while he’s in recovery. Somebody’s gotta do it.

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