McCain’s Kid Is Blogging

26 02 2008

John McCain’s daughter has a blog.

It’s sort of what you would expect.  And, in all fairness, it’s pretty entertaining. It’s commercialized and obviously is about putting McCain in a human light.

But, with that said, it needs to be noted if politicians on both sides of the political aisle where smart, they’d be doing this.

And I’m a leftie saying this.

H/T The Political Voices of Women 





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26 02 2008
Volunteer Voters » Meghan McCain

[…] Newscoma notes that John McCain’s daughter is blogging and is quite impressed by the effort: And, in all fairness, it’s pretty entertaining. It’s commercialized and obviously is about putting McCain in a human light. […]

26 02 2008


I noticed they’re not allowing comments. Wise in their case as McCockroach tends to take heat from both Right and Left.

So, Meghan. Should you find yourself checking your links and see this post, please ask your dad where my father’s 190’000 pension is. It was last seen going into your daddy’s pockets during the Lincoln S&L scandal.

My father worked all his life for that money, and your father stole it.



26 02 2008

I didn’t notice the comments. My bad, dude.:(
I will say that this is actually going to see something like this (next election) where there is going to most likely be more interaction on formats like this.
You know me, looking at the new media stuff going on.
I realize it’s done by the political machine though.

26 02 2008

It is significant in a way.
This may be the McCain equivalent of a Liberal Out-Reach program. Nahhhhhh…..

Netroots has made the internet a powerful fund raising, and vote raising tool. McCain just doesn’t realize that most Republican voters can barely operate the voting machines, much less operate a PC and get online.
The ones that do manage to figure out the “internets” exist in a state of virtual electronic stupidity and merely for my pleasure. 🙂

His daughter will find about ten new McCockroach fans and nine of them will be her MySpace buddies.

Too bad they don’t allow comments. That would be a hoot.

27 02 2008
Catherine Morgan

Thanks for the link. 🙂

27 02 2008

Thanks to you, Catherine. I love how your blog works. 🙂
Checking it all the time.

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