Jimmy Kimmel Has His Revenge With Ben Affleck

25 02 2008

To see Josh Grobin swear makes me laugh. This whole thing just makes me giggle and Brad Pitt as the Fed Ex Guy is inspiring. And the “We Are The World” montage just is funny.

So Not Safe For Work, although it is edited.

“This is not a mancrush,” croons Robin Williams and McLoving? Harrison Ford getting down.





6 responses

25 02 2008

OMG… I think he got her back! Man, I just wish my revenge schemes could have that kind of firepower.

25 02 2008

It makes me so happy to see Hollywood come together for such a good cause.


Man, that Jimmy Kimmel has got some pull. And I don’t just mean with Ben Affleck.

That song is going to be stuck in my head all day, by the way.

25 02 2008
Southern Beale

That was hilarious!

25 02 2008

I think I am ready to forgive Josh Grobin now for bugging me over the years.

25 02 2008
john h

bleepin’ hilarious. tear-worthy…

26 02 2008

that little video made 6 hours of oscar watching so worth it. PRICELESS.

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