People In Tennessee …

23 02 2008

Winston, we aren’t going to have any snow anyway so I think we are safe, but this is the quote of the day, my dear:

People in Tennessee know jack-sh*t about driving in snow. If it was not so scary and dangerous, their behavior would be downright comical. Some develop catatonic rigidity for hours at a time if faced with the prospects of driving in a flurry.

I lived in Montreal for a year so I know your pain.

You are absolutely correct.





4 responses

23 02 2008

Not only do people in Tennessee (and the south in general) know nothing about driving in the snow, let’s add the rain, the cold, the heat, the weekdays, the weekends, the mornings…yikes, I started getting far away there. Anyway, 14 years in New England (MA & NH) lets me know that this is correct.

23 02 2008

I think we go mudding pretty well and better than anyone else in the country. Or at least that’s here. 😉

23 02 2008

Ditto LeBlanc. Heh. ‘Cept it was Wisconsin.

24 02 2008

Yeah…It makes me glad my project in Toronto has been pushed back a month and a half. I would NOT want to have to drive in the crap we were in up there last week!

On the other hand, I lived n Seattle for a year. For a place where it seem to rain all the time, no one seemed to know how to drive in the rain there either.

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