A Twitter Thought …

23 02 2008

I find if my twitter buddies put a link in their 140 allotted words, I tend to go check it out.

Random drug-filled thoughts from your ailing Newscoma who has fluchitis™ which was brilliantly come up with by Ron in the comments.

I think this word works.


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3 responses

23 02 2008

I wish i could. Since i check twitter from my phone 90% of the time (isn’t that what it is supposed to be?), and the vast majority of links in tweets aren’t mobile friendly…i find myself just missing them.

23 02 2008

Paul, now that I have a better data package I have thought of going mobile with it but then I think it might just drive me nuts.
I haul my computer around all the time so thus far I just check it from there.
Do you like the mobile twittering thing?

23 02 2008

If only this was like the movies where in which you name a monster or demonic infestation, and you gain power over it.

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