Some Political Observations From Yesterday

22 02 2008

Some things I noticed in my snot-filled, achey world from yesterday.

  • I was watching MSNBC and Pat Buchanan was on. He yelled, seriously hollered, the entire segment he was on about the John McCain situation. I got fed up and turned the channel. I speak English dude. You don’t have to scream at me to make a point. I don’t remember a damned thing he said.
  •  I think the candidates had a draw last night. I didn’t see any clear cut winner. Hillary Clinton came off looking more candid than I’ve seen her in the past and Barack Obama did his thing. Wasn’t much to see other than some straight talk about immigration but as politics is wont to do, not that straight.
  • The idea that Tony Snow will be working with Bill O’Reilly gives me a case of the wiggums. He will serve as his permanent fill-in host on the radio show.
  • Karl Rove is in the news again. Why does this story not surprise me?
  • Stacey pulls another Stacey.

Going to cough up my spleen.




2 responses

22 02 2008

I don’t see any kind of charisma in Sen. bo.It’s all commonplace.Is that a Media made picture?

22 02 2008

Nope. It’s my dog on my bookshelf at my office.

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