My Official Sick Song

21 02 2008

Guys, I’ve got some sort of sick thing going on and feel truly and seriously horrible. I have been diagnosed by at least 12 people so I have that going for me.

I think I have the walking death but Homer thinks it’s bronchitis. I thought it might be the flu but, hell, I don’t know.

So in honor of feeling like the grim reaper is hanging out at Chez Coma, here is my sick song.

The Gorillaz “Clint Eastwood” just about explains it. And with Gorilla Zombie Goodness.




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21 02 2008
21 02 2008

It’s official. I have Prostatitis.
I keed.
The chart actually looks like it might be bronchitis. I called the vet (who can afford a doctor) and he said I had trench mouth.
Naa, it sounds like bronchitis which I do not need right now.
Probably will go to the doc tomorrow so I can be better by Monday.

21 02 2008
John I. Carney

We who have already been diagnosed with bronchitis salute you.

Seriously, the weirdness for me is that I’m sitting at home right now. One of the biggest stories of the past year for me has been our local school board’s study of standardized school attire. I’ve covered it for nearly a year. I got an award from the Tennessee School Boards Association for a two-part story I wrote last May. I’ve covered this story head to foot.

Tonight — tonight — is the big vote. The meeting started 20 minutes ago, and I’m sitting here in my living room. Feels so strange.

A friend of mine blogged a few weeks ago that in some cases, illness may be our body’s way of forcing us to take a sabbath. Maybe that’s your situation; it may be mine as well. This weird situation I’ve been in since October, doing the acting editor job plus a good bit of my old job, has taken its toll.

Get well soon, and take care of yourself.

21 02 2008

You take care of yourself as well John.
I think you may be right about our bodies just saying “HEY! Take Care of me here!!”
I understand about missing the big story. I had pneumonia when I covered a murder trial a couple of years ago and although I made it though it until the verdict, it knocked me out for a week after.

21 02 2008

Be well, sister T.

Lots of people in TN are coming down with Bronchitis type ailment. My self included. my chest tightened up and I had those deep, dry, heaving coughs that proved to be unproductive and therefor, very frustrating and uncomfortable

A bottle of Tussin Expectorant fixed that in about three days.

There’s something in the air. There’s far too any cases.

22 02 2008

Boss Lady,

I’m sorry your sick. I’m guessing that the voicemail I left on your phone telling you that I won’t be in work on Friday was irrelevant, because you’re not going to be in either. I don’t think I have bronchitis. I think I have the flu.

But don’t you love how when you get sick, everyone is a doctor and can diagnose you? My momma tried to tell me that I had the whooping cough. I told her that I probably have dysentery, because I lost my oxen when I tried to fjord the river (a la Oregon Trail).

Get well soon. Hopefully we’ll all be back together by Monday.

22 02 2008

I don’t know what I have, Elizabeth. It’s a mystery. One minute I think it’s bronchitis, the next minute I think it’s the flu.
All I know if I feel like a big o’ pile of poo.

22 02 2008

I like how everybody tries to give you their left over meds. I’m like, “no really, but thanks, I’ll keep you in mind should I need any low grade heroin.”
Love that video awesome zombie action

22 02 2008

I know. It’s because all we can afford is going to the vet and that’s financially a bit of a stretch as well.

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