John McCain … Whoa

20 02 2008

Keith Olberman just broke into Breaking News on MSNBC about some weird stuff about John McCain.

I’ll have a link in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the NY Times.

This could be nothing or big. News is an odd thing.

I’ve said this before.

UPDATE AGAIN: McCain says Hell to the no.

Politics Confidential, Page Six here.

From So. Beale:

The story is not whether John McCain did or did not have an affair with a woman 30 years his junior. The story is that a telecom lobbyist had a relationship with a Senator when her client had business before his committee.

More keeps coming.

To be fair, McCain has denied all of this.




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20 02 2008

Read it, agree that it’s pretty ambiguous at this point. But, there’s a potential for trouble… why would I smell Huckleberry in this? This could be the perfect avenue for finagling the Veep slot by being the morality clause McCain might need. Alternatively, this could be his last shot at trying to cut into McCain’s lead and tear more middle-road Republicans away from McCain.

20 02 2008

hmmmm…maybe this is why Huckabee wouldn’t quit…


20 02 2008

I’m thinking if this has been talked about, that is EXACTLY why Huckabee didn’t quit.
Good call, ladies.
With that said, the newshound has come out in me.

20 02 2008

Apparently everyone but us knew about this story – the NYTimes has been holding since the Iowa caucus – so, yes, could explain why Huckabee wouldn’t go away-makes sense!

20 02 2008

Apparently this is a know thing. I’m still waiting for more on this.
How about you?
I’m still all Whoa about it.

20 02 2008

Oh yeah, this could be exciting! Keith is so all over it!

20 02 2008

I know. Taffy, this is sooo interesting.

20 02 2008

Why the hell did the NYT sit on this until NOW?

20 02 2008

Exactly, LWC. Get on Twitter. We are talking about this!
Wait, I am talking about this.

20 02 2008

With all of this it lookslike it may be time to just hand the keys to the Oval Office over to Obama. I can’t believe I just said that…

20 02 2008

LeBlanc …
I just had a seizure reading your comment. Call me Mary Hart.

20 02 2008
Fascist Nation

How about including this link?

McCain tried to spike story:

21 02 2008

Keep the story going, ladies.
Just remember, this just makes McCain more likable to the average Republican.

Keep in mind the depraved nature of that species. 😉

In a worst case scenario, I rather see Huckleberry as VP than Lieberman.

21 02 2008
McCain Scandal Reignites The Issue Of Political Favors « Newscoma

[…] unanswered questions in the bulk of the story. The timing of the release is also suspect and as Ginger stated in the comments of my last post, this could be the reason that Huckabee has stuck around. […]

21 02 2008

And Huckleberry as VP means that many middle-roaders will not vote for McCain. Come on, McCain’s far too old to have that nutbag one seat away from the Oval Office. Can you imagine the damage Huck could do? Seriously folks, he makes GWB look like an sophisticated and erudite man of letters and learning. Come on now, anybody who has listened even for a little to “The Decider” can say without hesitation that this is not an easy feat!

21 02 2008

The state of affairs in the GOP is always startling to me.

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