I’d Like To Thank The Academy

20 02 2008
It’s always nice to be recognized for my blathering over here. Missy from The House of Flying Monkeys said some just plum nice words about this silly old blog which I’m quite fond of (you did well going into photography because, dear, you are avoiding a life of being yelled at by cheerleader moms and eating ramen noodles.)
Man, I dig you east Tennessee bloggers. I do.
So, without further ado, I’m supposed to link to 10 bloggers that give me something to think about and whom I think are “excellent.”
Well, let’s dance:
  1.  Enclave: Nobody does local politics as fiercely as M. Byrd does. He is smart and understands hyperlocal blogging (which, campers, is important in this day and age in the innertubes). I highly recommend you visit him and listen to what he has to say.
  2. TheoGeo: I just dig Lindsey’s blog for a variety of reason. When she is snarking it up, she’s at her best. There are times I wish I was as clever as I know she is.
  3. Ablogination: Captain Kona doesn’t mince words. Ever. And his blog is purty.
  4. Left Wing Cracker: Of course. Who doesn’t? He’s a blog hero.
  5. Cup of Joe Powell: You guys know I love my daily dose of Cuppa.
  6. Squirrel Queen: She’s funny and will photochop you up with added extra goodness of squirrels.
  7. Left of the Dial: Frank doesn’t mince words either. And you know, I like it. He makes me long for the days I was in radio news.
  8. Viva La Lesley: I think she’s funny too.
  9. Big Stupid Tommy: Yeah, he always gets pinned by me on these things and it’s his frakking birthday today so go say Hi. He brings on the funny just about better than anyone.
  10. Kathy T.: She’s a blogging maniac and she’s also my friend. I really like reading Where’s The Mute Button and I know she’s going to be around for a long time.
So, there you go.
Of course, I’d like to thank the Academy, who in this case is Missy.



6 responses

20 02 2008

You are of course welcome! I just love seeing what you are going to be talking about next… devil frogs to dooced CNN anchors – now that’s diverse! And BTW I didn’t stick with Photography, ended up in Business Admin. My career path has wandered like a drunken goat through Logistics and Customer Service Management – and the goat ended up eating a bunch of Ramen Noodles. Should have stuck with Journalism…

20 02 2008

Thanks for the kind words Missy.
You got it going on over there is the east yourself.

20 02 2008

This blog is a million things except one: boring, which NEVER applies here, and I love it. thank you for your kind words…

20 02 2008

I haven’t been all that amusing lately, but thanks for the lovely sentiment. 🙂

20 02 2008

Lesley, (dramatic pause for effect), when you lived in Memphis, did you play trivia at Kudzu’s with the group Plain Hamburger?

21 02 2008

Woop woop!

*twirling towel over my head*

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