Homer On Pundits

20 02 2008

Homer and I were talking this morning about pundits while we were watching CNN.
Me: (thinking greedily about getting paid millions to just sit around and talk incessantly about politics, Britney Spears, Gene Simmons’ sex tape and the health benefits of beef jerky. I have lofty goals. Shut up.) “Ahh, the life of a pundit.”

Homer: “How does one become a pundit?”

Me: (dead silence as I pondered this) “Umm, I don’t know.

Homer: “You can’t major in punditry, can you?”

Me: “No. I think you just have to be loud and think you are right no matter what you are saying.”

Homer: “You’d be perfect then.”

Me: (trying to muster up a good case of stinkeye to throw at her) “You’re saying that sarcastically, aren’t you?”

Homer just smiled.

I love my family.



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20 02 2008
John Carney

I loved Keith Olbermann’s comment, quoted in the Washington Post, that MSNBC’s introduction of all its election night pundits started to sound like the opening credits of “Hee Haw”:

“I am reminded of the way ‘Hee Haw’ opened,” Olbermann says. “I am sorely tempted to finish [the list] with ‘Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow, Gene Robinson and Pat Buchanan — Grandpa Jones! . . . Junior Samples! . . . the Hager Twins!’ “

20 02 2008
Nashville is Talking » Big mouth

[…] “You’d be perfect then.” [Homer on Pundits – Newscoma – 02-20-08] Spread It Around: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

20 02 2008

Tee hee. Homer makes me laugh. 😀

20 02 2008
jonathan hickman

I’d watch.

20 02 2008

Hee. Thanks. Never dream that I would go conservative again.

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