Devil Frog

20 02 2008

The idea of demonic, mean-assed frogs that ate dinosaurs tickles the crap out of me. I have no idea why but it does.

It was the biggest, baddest, meanest froggy ever to have hopped on Earth.

Scientists on Monday announced the discovery in northwestern Madagascar of a bulky amphibian dubbed the “devil frog” that lived 65 million to 70 million years ago and was so nasty it may have eaten newborn dinosaurs.


Beelzebufo (pronounced bee-el-zeh-BOOF-oh) was 16 inches long and weighed an estimated 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

It was powerfully built and possessed a very wide mouth and powerful jaws. It probably didn’t dine daintily.

It did not dine daintily? This cracks me up.

I think my next pet will be named Beelzebufo just for the hell of it.




4 responses

20 02 2008
Joe P.


i think we’ve found the Hypnotoad. None can resist him!!!!

20 02 2008

Funny, last weekend on our dolphin tour they did a net drag and one of the things they caught was a toad fish. It really did look like a toad and they told us that the jaws on that thing had enough crushing power to break an adult’s finger in seconds if it bit us. I know it’s shocking but they wouldn’t let us touch that one, something about liability or something stupid like that. So, I know where Beelzebufo’s cousin lives… in the ocean, waiting for you to kick him with your toe, so he can cripple you for life.

20 02 2008

thinking toads, you might like this one.

21 02 2008

Imagine the sticky tongue on that monster zipping out and zapping a tiny dino dinner.
He don’t need no stinkin’ flies.

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