20 02 2008

Malia is a genius.

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile so I took her lead.

If you notice, my blogroll, which was as out of control as my curly head of hair, now has it’s own page. You guys are all over there.

Now maybe this confounded blog will load a bit better.




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20 02 2008

You are too kind! I chalked up it as dumb luck and now I’m a genius. Hmmm…I wonder if that’s how Einstein felt?

20 02 2008

…and one of these days, if I blog real good, can I be on it?


20 02 2008

My bad, sweetie. Heck, you’re bookmarked everywhere and I just thought you were on there.
You are now. 🙂

20 02 2008
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20 02 2008

Ok, I just had to check and see if I was still “groovy and sexy”. 😛

And I really don’t mind being #2 G&S behind Brittney Gilbert.
She really is G&S.

20 02 2008

I’m Groovy and Sexy? I think I negated that by asking to be on the blogroll in the first place, but woot anyway! I win.



20 02 2008

I don’t know about this new, clean-looking Newscoma. Where’s my comfy clutter?

20 02 2008
jonathan hickman

I can’t ever decide how to do the blogroll; I’m impressed you’ve got yours so ironed out. I finally gave up on mine and just put it on random.

21 02 2008

Heh, I like the words comfy clutter. I always thought of it as a hot mess.

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