Where Is My Snow?

18 02 2008

I want some snow. There, I said it.

I love snow but only for a couple of days. I’ve only been skiing once and sprained my ankle on the bunny hill, then wrapped up and sat in the stereotypical lodge where I drank sweet  warm drinks that made everyone look pretty as a fire put this ethereal glow on those who had also sprained their ankles on the bunny hill. We bonded with our injuries on display and then woke up the next morning feeling like goats on meth. I went skiing in Quebec so people would ask me to talk for them because they liked my accent. I was a rock star that night as I hobbled back to my room. Of course the only thing I could say was this which most likely launched my popularity to a greater high. Always check your French dictionary in Quebec. Never listen to Lady Marmalade and think that is what the french language is all about. You have been warned.

Good times though.

Although I won’t ski again (what’s the use quite frankly) I can’t help but want some snow here in Hootervegas. That powdery kind that packs tight when you pick it up and form it into a ball. Of course, I would throw it at Homer because if I threw it at Squirrel Queen, there would be hell to pay. I think Homer wouldn’t hurt me as badly although she can deliver some might whoopings when she opens her can of kick ass.

I like the mountains just as much as I dig going to the beach. I like the crispness of the air and the way you can see so much but nothing at all. I like the fact that there are bears out in the wilderness.

Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I am assuming bear authorities are telling the truth about the bear population being in the “woods.” I hear that if I go to East Tennessee in the future, I’m also hearing we have the extra goodness of actually seeing a moose. Or is it elk. (Let me check.)
Yeah, it’s elk. I knew it was one of those big four-legged things that weigh about the same as a Suburban.

So, yeah, I want some snow. Not this weird wind that keeps blowing so hard it rattles my teeth and freaks the little dogs out who wake me in the middle of the night seeking shelter that includes getting under the blankets and shivering.

Which they did, of course, this morning.

Snow would be of the good.




4 responses

18 02 2008

Have you lost your ever loving mind?? 😉 It is so damn cold here and we have enough snow for you and the rest of your state. “We” meaning all the fricking people in the great artic state of Minnesota are soooooo sick of winter..snow and COLD!! Seriously..come for a visit:)

18 02 2008

Here, it is 70 degrees one day and then 25 degrees the next.
And then those pesky tornadoes. Dang.
I’ll be there soon. I’m also a compulsive nail biter. This is not of the good.

19 02 2008

So I woke up to a lovely blanket of snow in Hooterville South and just knew no superintendent in his right mind (which is not necessarily the case, but hope springs eternal) would make us go to school on such a day. As I drove further south to work, it became obvious why–there’s nothing down here. A mean trick by Mother Nature on a “Monday.”

19 02 2008

A mean trick indeed. We need some of good, old-fashioned “stay at home” snow.

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