Ugly Women Are Progressive According To Glenn Beck

17 02 2008

Yeah, ugly as a position against woman, as progressives, you have to have a case of the uglies?

Whoa. You are making me laugh. Seriously. What the hell …

Glenn Beck? Are you on meth?
So if women have independent thought, we are an “ugly woman?”

You, sweetie, dear, sugarpie, are a moron.

I was in radio. Now you have given me some extra gumption to get back in it. I would cheerfully talk about what an asshat you are. Frank?

“If you’re a guy, you can get past it. I don’t think you can as an ugly woman.”

“You’ve got a double cross, because if you’re an ugly woman, you’re probably a progressive as well.”

He later added:

“If you believed in God, you’d know that there’s going to be another chance for you. You don’t have to be ugly in heaven. You’re going to be your perfect self, and there will be another perfect somebody waiting for you on the other side.”

What the hell? Okay, he’s teasing because no one is this idiotic and would say this? Right?
Man, Glenn, we all gave you the benefit of the doubt when had your near-death experience. But this …


What a wanker.



14 responses

17 02 2008

I’m speechless. I’m never speechless. It’s actually the insinuation that we’ll all be hot and partnered up in heaven that has my jaw on the floor.

18 02 2008

I had no idea Beck’s mother was a progressive. Learn something new every day.

18 02 2008

Pesky, I’m still shocked and I wrote this about 8 hours ago.
Kona, Beck has always been a wanker but I’m not sure about his mom. If she was incredibly beautiful, I’m guessing she is a conservative because that’s how Beck rolls. 😉

18 02 2008

i’m stunned. he’s said crazy stuff before, but this takes the cake

18 02 2008
Carl from L.A.

I do not mean the following as a joke. I think you are not taking Glenn Beck’s remarks seriously enough.

Republicans, with their view of women as subservient, judge women’s appearance by their willingness to submit to strict cultural (read male) norms of what women should look like.

Any woman who has moved beyond these cultural demands is going to look lacking to them, no matter how beautiful she appears to the rest of us.

18 02 2008

Isn`t Elizabeth Kucinich a prorgressive?

18 02 2008

Being “hot and partnered up in heaven” is actually consistent with Mormon theology, where Mr. & Mrs. God (a divine pair for each planet) keep on makin’ them spirit babies for eternity.

18 02 2008

Yeah, what Carl said. A woman who isn’t dressing and acting to please men is just plain going to look ugly to men who expect women to dress and act to please them. In the same way that men who expect women not to dress and act for male approval are going to find something physically off-putting about women who do.

18 02 2008

He’s been off the sauce too long. When you drink, every woman starts looking good. Every guy has less of a chance, and starts getting limp.

18 02 2008

Carl and nm, you’re right. You are absolutely right. I really did take it more seriously last night and then thought about ranting.
I really had my mouth drop, as pesky did, when I read this. Thanks for taking us back to focus.

18 02 2008

This guy is crazy and should be taken off the air.

18 02 2008
Diatribical Idiot

MISSING: Sense of humor.

18 02 2008

Diatribical Idiot…
Yup. I’m assuming you mean Beck.

19 02 2008

w00t! CrooksAndLiars found you. Beans.

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