Hooters, Not Hooterville

16 02 2008

You know, I’m really not that impressed with canned meat. Nor am I impressed with salsa unless it’s filled to the brim with tomatillas and is light on the cilantro.

I also detest cooked red peppers.

Now I don’t hate everything even though this post started out on a pouty tone. I’m very unhappy with my header which I’m going to have to change up before I go mad. If you are wandering why I changed the template over here is I had several people telling me the other one was taking a long time to load.

Just call me your PeoplePleasingComa.

So, I’m rooting around this quiet Internet today and have found out a few things:

  • Apparently everyone in the Big Brother house is having sex. Welcome to reality television planned for the Writer’s Strike. We have this until May. Who needs porn when we have CBS!
  •  Superdelegates? Come on guys, we all know they are going to jump behind the frontrunner at the end of this thing. I realize now we don’t know who the frontrunner is but still. Even the other candidate regardless of party is going to do this. I voted for Obama but I’m fine with Clinton if she wins. I was swayed toward Christopher Walken but you know how that goes for no other reason than it amused me. Now that he’s sort of out of the running, I’m no longer amused and neither is he. Walken could so OWN Chuck Norris.
  • Homer went to Hooters last night for the first time ever. I’ve never been to Hooters but she had to go with some buddies of hers who felt like it was the Best. Restaurant. Ever. When she called me about her shame, I asked about the Buffalo Wings because they are my new guilty pleasure. She ate chicken. Homer is not good for retrieving information from on following the status quo. She was sort of freaked out. Poor Homer.
  • Read Pesky and come back here and thank me. I’ll wait. He makes several good points. This is one of them:

It’s important to understand— (and many pro journos don’t)— that every leak is not a scoop, and most require serious vetting. People leak things for many reasons and quite often those reasons are personal and NOT because it’s the right thing to do. Leaks, being selective, may conceal as much or more than they reveal resulting in a situation resembling that of the three blind men and the elephant. When a pro journalist gets a leak, he’s got a process to face and lot of questions to answer before taking that leak to print.”

Okay, I did a list. It’s about the best that I can do. Must go deal with header.




9 responses

16 02 2008

Interesting that I like both Tom Scholz & Huckabee…

16 02 2008

I wonder if Huckabee could use “Hooked on a Feeling” instead. That would be rad.

16 02 2008

I heard Mellencamp did the same thing to McCain. Poor Republicans, soon they’ll have nothing left but “Cat Scratch Fever” and the musical stylings of John Ashcroft.

16 02 2008

Jon, Oh dear God, not Ashcroft’s song stylings. Yikes but then I’m comforted that this might be a good thing for the youth of America.

16 02 2008

You obviously haven’t heard the latest news about McCain’s campaign theme song and his VP running mate Ogg the Caveman.

16 02 2008

And a fine song it ’tis.

16 02 2008

The new header is most lovely because it includes a) Miss Mabel looking both dismayed and annoyed and b) Cary and Roz. Everything else is lovely too, but those made me grin like a possum.

Also, re … that every leak is not a scoop, and most require serious vetting …: Will somebody please forward that to Nick Beres? Please.



16 02 2008

Ha! I must say though I’m confused by the choice of Og. Aren’t cavemen somewhat less mysogonistic than the GOP?

16 02 2008

Ogg is a Russ McBee find. He is a thawed out caveman. We thought that might be just about right for a running mate. Of Course, Squirrel Queen penned the song.
I think cavemen are somewhat less mysogonistic than the GOP, but Ogg was just thawed out so I guess that’s about right.

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