Email Apnea

16 02 2008

It’s got a name?

I was going through ye’ olde feedreader this morning and saw Jackson Miller had linked to a story about breathing while blogging. Or not breathing.

Yeah, that would apparently be me.

Squirrel Queen has been telling me I do this all the time for the last month and has actually been fussing at me about it.

Linda Stone is a former executive who worked at Apple and Microsoft. Has been doing all sorts of research over the years and is probably most famous for coming up with the term “continuous partial attention.” Which, basically, explains our behavior while using Twitter.

Lately she’s been writing about a new problem she noticed: email apnea.

Today we met up where she told me more about her observations on this topic (that’s her in the picture above).

What is it?

Well, she noticed that most people stop breathing when doing email. She explained to me today that that behavior is fascinating her and that she’s theorizing that it causes stress, among other things.

Well, damn, I just thought I got all excited and that my brain was working overtime due to my overall cleverness. Who knew it had a name? Now I’m hearing that I’m losing oxygen to the those pesky brain cells. Makes sense I guess as there are times I can’t think and start staring at the carpet.

Jeez. I need to get out more.


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