Fred Phelps

9 02 2008

The church owned by whacko Fred Phelps is picketing again although I think that goes without saying because he would picket and protest the sun rising if it would get him in the local papers. I try not to be too blaming here at Chez Coma but when it come to Westboro Baptist Church that rule doesn’t apply as I’ve had some personal interaction with these folks about a year and a half back when one of our National Guardsman was killed in Iraq.

The family never saw them but I did and even now, when I think of them, bile just rises in the back of my throat.

So, after picketing across the country at the funerals of fallen soldiers, they have now set loftier sites to harassing folks and being completely inappropriate with a dogged vehemence of totally regarding any semblance of compassion for people in the midst of grief. Recently, it was Heath Ledger’s funeral because, for God’s sake, he was a straight actor playing a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. Now, they are picketing the funerals of those people killed at an Illinois mall in a shooting a a Lane Bryant and Baltimore attorney James Browning who was murdered as was his wife and two young sons by his oldest son last week.

The Phelps cult also is thanking God (!) on their website for the deaths of people in the tornados and at the Georgia Sugar Refinery.

I remain appalled at these people. Appalled, actually, is not the word I want to use but it’s the only one I could think of.

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t go on reading anymore of of their foul website and I’m not going to link to it. You’re on your own there.
I can’t understand the lack of compassion in these people. When they were here, it was mainly young women (mid-to-late teens) holding signs on a hot summer day smiling and laughing wearing T-shirts with God Hates Fags on them and holding signs with that young man’s image on them. That still make me queasy.

And law enforcement and emergency crews had to be on alert because their attorneys said “They needed protection.”

I don’t get it. But for whatever reason the Phelps do this, they fail.

They fail because people who do understand compassion and love turn their backs on them.

And, I believe, that is enough.



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9 02 2008

When i first heard about them years ago I was sick to my stomach for days. It hurts and angers me that people use the Bible in such condemning ways. Every time I see one of these stories my heart just hurts (and so does my stomach)

9 02 2008

Reba, I know. I realized that when we had our run-in with him, so many people didn’t understand what he actually does.

He seriously turns my stomach as well.

9 02 2008

Good final statement here. I think, though it’s beyond frustrating, that that is what it is always going to take…genuine people on both sides of any issue choosing not to give such appalling behavior any credence whatsoever. We can’t fight them with their own methods, and hopefully none of us want to.

Nauseated here, too.

9 02 2008

I can’t wait ’til that walking, talking advertisement for abortion clinics rolls a seven.

We could all attend his internment pay fitting tribute.
“God Hates Fred”

Now that’s what I call putting the “Fun” back in funerals.


9 02 2008
Southern Beale

It’s simple. They are a cult. They are not a church. And almost everyone in this cult is related to Fred Phelps in some way. It’s the Phelps extended family. They’re mentally ill.

9 02 2008

Cult is absolutely correct. If you saw those kids, smiling and vacant-eyed holding those signs …
Man, So Beale, it’s haunting and horrible. Just horrible.

9 02 2008

Can you imagine the conversations the Lord and Satan have about that man?

“He says he’s one of Yours, dude. You get him.”

“Uh-UNH. He’s crazy and he’s evil. He’s one of your boys, bubba. That Father of Lies thing? He qualifies as one of your offspring.”

“I ain’t takin’ him. Nobody down here wants him. C’mon, You even took Dahmer, man. You gotta get him off my hands or there’ll be a revolt.”

“Nooo, buddy. Dahmer repented, even if it was at the last minute, and don’t you get me started on what sort of awkwardness it causes at lunch every day. That Phelps joker claims to know the mind of Me. Nooo.”

“Well, that settles it; we keep him alive until we can get together for a good round of Texas Hold’em, winner take Fred.”

“Dude, you cheat. Let’s do a few holes at Augusta.”


10 02 2008

Grandfille, I think that’s exactly how it’s going to play out. 🙂

20 02 2008

For some unknown reason, this idiot and his people are coming to DeKalb, IL for NIU’s memorial service on Sunday night for the 5 students that were killed. Definatley looking for attention. Totally sick in the head – all of them.

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