The Wind In The Willows

6 02 2008


We didn’t blow away. The people surrounding our fair village had a lot more damage than we did in Super Tsunami Tuesday but because there was a lot of ongoing storm waves coming in like it was the ocean, well, let’s just say your Gal Friday was busy last night.

It’s weird covering weather and even weirder when you are covering a primary and weather and a trial with a defendant with a less than stellar personality who was a bit growly.

Don’t you love rural media? Tomorrow, I get to go to a car wash that has a pet wash attached to it. I’m not lying. Mabel has offered to star. It’s the only one that I know of and I like the offbeat news so that’s fun for me.

Back to Tsunami Tuesday: One thing about living in a rural community is how people really get out and volunteer. I was at the fire department, I was at the courthouse, I was at the school that has the groovy yet creepy fallout shelter from the fifties in it. (It is very creepy and the old radiation signs are there.) Yeah, that’s where the election commission is now and also where I went to elementary school.

Good times.

But here was the scary part. People didn’t make it to the polls after work because, umm, TORNADO weather. But what scared myself and some of the other folks was that the average age of an election worker is somewhere in the mid-70s and there was some fear that they might get hurt. They didn’t, but you can see it being a concern especially when cars and trees are getting tossed about.

We waited it out but me being nimrod girl wanted to be out in it. And I was (with people who were not as reckless and smarter than me). We had high winds and one pretty bad rotation of tornado activity which is some emergency management/meteorological term that I don’t really know that much about except when we are under the yucky, and terrifying, storm watch.

We were lucky. Friends of ours went immediately down to Jackson to help (ie: first responders) the folks at Union University. Guys, it’s apparently worse than what you saw on CNN according to one man who was there all night with the Rescue Squad who volunteered to go and help.He said cars were tossed around like empty cans and as this guy never blanches at anything and had lost a bit of color, I’m assuming he’s telling the truth. They let the schools out here early yesterday (I was doing the trial) because they knew this might happen and had a plan.

And the plan worked.

With that said, we all did our jobs last night and today. And I couldn’t be prouder of my community. I mean that.

I make fun of Hooterville but dangit, sometimes I’m smitten with the place.





4 responses

6 02 2008

The Union students have started posting pictures.

So have people in Memphis.

6 02 2008

I came here first to check on y’all. I know everything is not okay, but I’m glad you are okay, and I wish you and all of your neighbors the best, and I am glad everyone seems to be working together. Long live all the Hootervilles.

6 02 2008

Thanks Larkspur…
Weird and scary night.

7 02 2008

Cathy, I just noticed you went into the spam filter.
Sorry about that….

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