Question Outta Memphis

13 01 2008

Let’s talk about this because Lindsey has a good point.

If my accident record isn’t available to me yet, how in the FRICK did my cell phone and mailing address become available to the FIVE OR SIX different ambulance-chasing doctor/lawyer teams that have contacted me repeatedly in the past two weeks? The first lady who contacted me told me, after I pressed her, they got my info from the public record. She didn’t get any more specific than that.

Is there another public record other than this accident report that I am unaware of that would include my freaking cell phone?

I’m not being sarcastic; I seriously would like to know.

Can someone answer her question? Public records belong to the person who requests them. Go over to TheoGeo and let her know the best way to get the records she needs to move forward.

I understand processing a report. I get that. What I don’t get is what she is rightfully asking. How did other people get her cell phone # when she doesn’t even have the report on hand?

Good questions, Lindsey.



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