Creepiest Ads Ever

10 01 2008

Want to see smoking and shaving babies, a Pakistan Airliners Ad that is very freaky from 1979 or Santa with a cigarette? There’s also a woman getting a spanking for not buying the right coffee.

I could not look away.
2spare lists some eerie stuff on the creepiest ads ever.
Yes they are.



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10 01 2008

If you want to see some creepy ads, google for World War II Propaganda ads. The U.S. Government wasn’t afraid to use scare tactics to keep support and promote their war bonds. I did a whole lesson in one of my Education classes about War Propaganda. My favorite is one ad about car pooling.

“You ride alone and you’re riding with Hitler.”

Oh, and the Pakistan Airline Ad is just downright creepy.

10 01 2008
jim voorhies

Just to lighten up your day then, take a look at these ads:

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