Jamie Lynn Spears

21 12 2007

I honestly could care less about the whole Britney/Jamie/Mama Spears stories that are dominating the tube and apparently late night cable news as it was the LEAD story on two channels this morning which surprised me, then again sadly did not.

This is what I do know. Teenagers have sex. Sometimes they get pregnant. Sometimes they don’t. Jamie Lynn Spears hasn’t ruined her life, although she will be taking a route I’m thinking she would have rather avoided.  She apparently has already benefited financially from selling her “story” to OK magazine.

Rural kids around here that get pregnant don’t have the option to sell their tale of teenage pregnancy to US or People. They have a rough time, needless to say. They don’t have the financial options that celebrities do. They will not have nannys or sell the “first look” pictures of their child.

They will struggle to buy formula and diapers.  And raising a child while they are still growing up themselves.

The worst thing that will happen to the Spears girl is losing her television show, which will most likely happen and being hounded by the paparazzi like her sister is having Perez Hilton draw on her pictures with that white pen thing he does.

So the media keeps talking about it. Pundits talk about teen pregnancy creating “compelling” (notice sarcasm marks here) dialogues on countless talk shows about how Jamie Spears’ announcement is either immoral or a reflection of society or something else. Some of it I’ve agreed with, but most of it I haven’t.

Needless to say, this pregnancy has people talking. And I hope we handle it responsibly. The nude pictures of the Vanessa kid from High School Musical also brought up some very blunt conversations in Chez Coma.

And maybe it’s not such a bad thing as we try to deal with these things head on, not in the media flurry I’ve seen but in honest-to-God conversations with the young girls in our life on a variety of levels.

An article in today’s New York Times brings up the reality, which is happening in my home as well, about how to approach young girls (an 11-year-old and an 8-year old are in my family who love Zoey 101) about the reality of teenage/unplanned pregnancy. Homer has handled it well as she always does. The oldest niece brought the situation up to me and used the same references in the article.

Was Jamie Lynn Spears not being good was basically the question. It was one I had to think about and I wanted to avoid turning this into a black or white sort of thing. I wanted to let her reflect that in life, we all make mistakes.

From the Times:

Yasmine shook her head. “I never expected her, of all people, to do this,” she said, referring to the girl who in her mind is both Zoey and Jamie, the actress who plays her. “She’s supposed to be the good one in the family.”

High school girls who had already had their hearts broken by the all-too-public life of Ms. Spears’s older sister, Britney, known as a hard-partying mother of two, worried that their younger sisters would be devastated by the news — or, worse, that their sisters might think it was “cool” to be 16 and pregnant.

I tried to respond that Jamie Lynn Spears is not good or bad. She’s human.  If she was going to choose to be sexually active, she should have thought it through. And, that there has been little or no response from the boy who will be the father of this child boggles my mind. He “helped” get her pregnant, did he not? I don’t want my nieces to become sexually active until they are ready to be. And, I want them to know that they can come to me if they do, if they need contraception. I want them to be smart about it.

Because the average teenage girl won’t make a million in cash if she gets pregnant. She will look at limited opportunities during a very important time in her life.

Thank God the whole concept of sex still grosses the oldest niece out. But there will come a day in the next few years that it won’t.

And we might as well deal with having an open dialogue about it. Because, pop culture once again makes it into the average home and brings in the hard questions that we, as adults, have to answer.



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21 12 2007

I’m just wondering where her Mom was in this. Apparently the dirty deed doing was known about and yet nobody took her and had birth control implanted in her. Why? She’s the only cash cow they have left, her career is what’s keeping the family in Prada, so why aren’t they pragmatic enough to protect that if nothing else. I know that’s cynical of me, but these are people whose first reaction was to sell the baby pics, so the financial angle they understand in spades. You are right that this happens every day, and with far worse results for the average people involved. Money doesn’t change the badness of her situation, it just makes it easier for her to do dumb things and not ever fully realize the extent of the consequences. Yes, mistakes happen, we all make them, but nowhere do I believe there is a 16 yr old who is ready to become a parent. That’s why I can’t understand why this situation is playing out the way it is. Unless the other side of this, the whispered side, is correct and she is doing this to get attention and rebel and take the spotlight away from her trainwreck sister. The only good thing it has done is open up another dialogue with our 16 yr old girl. We are talking, all of us, about how dumb this whole decision is and how important family planning is, how sex is a big deal decision that you don’t take lightly, and how she should talk to us if she is considering making that decision. We told her that we would never tell her what’s right for her, we would just bring up the alternatives and get her the protection she needs in order to ensure that passion doesn’t overrule common sense. Hopefully that same conversation is going on everywhere, in the same vein as ours. If so then Jamie Lynn is continuing to influence lives, because even a bad example is still an example, of “what not to do”, if nothing else.

21 12 2007

Missybw, the same thing is happening here about the frank discussion about family planning.
BTW, my favorite saying you said in your comment. Sometimes the best lessons are the ones that teach of “what not to do.”

Hard subject on so many levels.

21 12 2007

I agree. Where is her mother? I heard her say “I couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. She is so conscientious” Ummm… dur.. she is a TEENAGE girl with tons of hormones with a long time boyfriend who has tons of hormones… did Mother not even think to get her on birth control? Helllloooo have we not learned anything from Brit???


21 12 2007

My sister said that her mother needs a butt kicking.
I’m not a mother, just an aunt, but I agree.

21 12 2007

This is not just a birth control issue. This girl was risking her life by not using protection. She has a personal staff of handlers. Any of them could and should have run to the drugstore for her. I just wonder if this was really an accident and not just another publicity stunt in a family of publicity whores. Her own mother pimped her child’s story out to a tabloid with lightning speed. This baby will be earning the family regular paychecks before he/she is walking. Since the baby’s daddy will inevitably get a paycheck to surrender his rights, his name should not have been offered up to the paparazzi. I feel dirty for being fascinated by their behavior. I should ignore them in the hopes that we can stop making people wealthy and famous for doing nothing.

21 12 2007

You would think that Brittany’s little sister would learn from her big sister’s mistakes. What a shame!!

21 12 2007
michelle browm

wow, thats crazy

21 12 2007
michelle browm

also, what kind of rolemodel is she going to be.

21 12 2007
trina hamon

not a smart move

21 12 2007
daddy love

Why is this girl not getting an abortion?????? nobody is even talking about it ! This is the last thing she needs, at sixteen you get an abortion, i guess i am the only one brave enough to speak the truth!!! Come on people.

22 12 2007

Don’t be a moron daddy love. Teenage girls have babies every day. Humans are programmed to begin procreating as soon as they are physically able. Just because our culture has the luxury of waiting until we are psychologically prepared doesn’t change that.

22 12 2007

Why are people asking where the mom was in all of this? Like mothers are there 24/7?! Since when? Kids go to the movies, hang out at the mall.. why is it the moms fault that Jaime Lynn is pregnant? The girl prob said she was going to hang out with friends and for all we know.. had sex with her boyfriend in the movie theater.. why is it the moms fault? My mom was stern as I was growing up yet couldn’t be there 24/7… its easy to blame the parents on this matter.. especially since its Britneys mother. Kids fuck up, they make mistakes, some of them are bigger than others. At least she is taking responsibility. Everyone needs to leave the girl alone, and stop blaming other people. Kids will be kids.. dont make it seem like at sixteen you ppl were playing with barbie dolls… LEAVE JAMIE LYNN ALONE!!!!

22 12 2007

Allie, I’m not ragging on this kid. If you read my post, I said I wasn’t making a judgement call.
Honestly, I’m talking in the post about how as a pop icon she does impact the conversation in my home.
She chose to keep her child and I do wish her luck. I do.
But, on the other hand, her behavior because she is in her position impacts my nieces.

We need a dialogue about this because my nieces adore her. No more. No less.

15 01 2008

Y is everyone gaggin up on them. its not lyk 16yr. olds hven been pregnant b4?! And i kno it takes guts for a teenager who ACCADENTLY got pregnant to acctualy go through with it. and some ppl say JAMIE GET AN ABORTION! thats just wrong.. Gurls who get an abortion are only mothers to a dead baby ON PURPOSE. i agree with Allie personaly i think that everyone should JUST LEAVE HER ALONE! u kno… i kno how hard it is for her. but stop pointing the finger at her lyk shes the only teenage gurl EVER to get pregnant. cuz shes not. i understand that she is a kid role modle but its all how ur brought up. if u are broght up around an acholic family then u will most likley pick up a beer. its all how ur brought up. her mom is trying the best she can. right now. my BEST friend is 16 she got pregnant at the age of 15 her dad hated her and it wuz SO hard for her. (she lost the baby thoRIP JNH) but she still had support.. nad thats wut jamie needs now. so support her BY LEAVING HER ALONE! damn.


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