Breaking It Down

2 12 2007

Jack Lail said in one sentence what I was trying to say, and I rather stumbled, at a comment thread over the weekend at Volunteer Voters.

Best thing that could happen now is to leave the totally ineffectual, weak Tennessee Open Meetings law as is cause the reforms are worse

Russ McBee also broke it down quite effectively in this post here:

If this change to the sunshine law is approved, the Legislature might as well go ahead and just repeal the thing entirely, since it will no longer have any meaning.

This change would permit a level of corruption that would far surpass anything we’ve seen so far in our local legislative bodies, and that level of corruption is already unacceptably high.

They are saying it better than anyone right now.

UPDATE: More from Michael Silence. 



2 responses

2 12 2007
Tennessee Jed

“…that level of corruption is already unacceptably high”

Why does that sentence sound nicer than it is. Damn crooks the lot of ’em!!

2 12 2007

You’re right. That statement says it all.

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