To Cheer Us Up …

26 11 2007

From Scrubs, a boom microphone operator gets a proposal with a little help from Zach Braff and
John C. McGinley on the set. She didn’t have a clue.

I know. I’m a romantic. Don’t tell anybody.

Seriously, don’t tell anybody.




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26 11 2007

Aww! That is so sweet!

Oh, and you’ve been tagged:

26 11 2007
John I. Carney

A neat clip. It hit me even harder because I associate the Keane song they play in the background with a little crush (unrequited, sadly) I had a few years ago — in fact, it’s part of the inspiration for a situation in my novel.

26 11 2007

I thought it was neat too. How is the novel?

26 11 2007
John I. Carney

The novel is coming along well. Whether or not it will ever be marketable, I don’t know. But it’s been incredibly cathartic, and it makes me want to go back to Africa. That could be frustrating — LEAMIS is looking at doing two trips next summer, an Africa trip and a Guatemala trip, and if I get the job I’m up for at the newspaper it may mean that the Africa trip would be out of reach. I won’t know for sure until the exact dates of the trip are announced, which has been a frustratingly slow process.

27 11 2007

very nice. a creative proposal. i like that

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