Harry Reid

17 11 2007

Is Harry Reid finally playing hardball? Not Chris Matthews HardBall, because that show just gives me the hives, but some Democratic “Harry”ball?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has decided to keep the chamber in session over the Thanksgiving break to block President Bush from making any unsavory recess appointments while Senators are out of town.

Give ’em hell, Harry. 

Incidentally, I like saying Harry outloud. I have no idea why.

Just saying.



2 responses

17 11 2007



1. To disturb or distress by or as if by repeated attacks; harass. See Synonyms at harass.
2. To raid, as in war; sack or pillage.

I love the word. 🙂

17 11 2007

I adore you Kona. You are so groovy! 😉

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