Fall Back

3 11 2007

For the record, Daylights Savings Time is just peculiar to me.

I will be confused all day tomorrow, tripping over the dogs who will most likely also be freaked out because my brain won’t be functioning and of course, I will most likely end up in a ditch as I’m trying to figure it all out. And the big daddy of deer hunting season started today. I’ve seen some gruesome things as I drove about.

Gruesome, I’m telling you.

In a week, I won’t care about the time change.

Thus, Daylights Savings Time goes through another yearly cycle for me.

Fall back, campers.






2 responses

4 11 2007
Jeffraham Prestonian

Why does my cool atomic clock not get signal inside a top-floor condo? That’s what I wanna know. Now, I have to take it outside, and do some kind of ritual dance to get it to reset.

5 11 2007

I was eating breakfast in a diner in Palo Alto when RUABelle called specifically to tell me that she was driving through Sewanee and had seen somebody’s pet dog eating a dead deer on the side of the highway.

“Err…can I get fruit instead of sausage with my pancakes?”

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