Sunshine Is The Best Disinfectant

2 11 2007

It’s not journalists who are under attack.

It’s the people of Tennessee.

It’s always been about John and Jane Doe having the right to know.

And if the Open Meetings Law is gutted, then this is just one more right taken away. One we need.
Politicians, hear me now, an informed citzen is a scary thing to you, I get that.

But it’s not your government.

It’s ours.

(Write your elected officials here.)

Also, Joe Lance is blogherding and keeping an updated roundup and Michael Silence says it best right here:

Bloggers. You are the 21st century’s new watchdogs. The General Assembly goes back in session in January 2008. Do us all a favor and keep a close eye on any attempts to cut you out of public decisions and the decision-making process at the local and state levels. If you post something on this topic, e-mail me the link and I’ll post it, too. I will also create a new category on the right rail to store all the postings on the Sunshine Law.

This is not a partisan issue. It is a public’s right to know issue.

Frankly, I think it would be political suicide to tamper with the 33-year-old Open Meetings Act. Then again, nothing with the General Assembly surprises me anymore.

Well said, Michael. Well said.



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2 11 2007
Volunteer Voters » Our Government And Theirs

[…] Newscoma makes plain what open government is about: It’s not journalists who are under attack. […]

2 11 2007
Southern Beale

But it’s not your government.
It’s ours.


3 11 2007

The thought of this possibly going through is so frightening to me…..It really sounds nighmarish.

3 11 2007

i don’t know why they would do this. members of government would do well to remember that they are our servants, not the other way around.

3 11 2007
Don Jones

Have I missed something here ? Who said what ? Is the general assembly going to repeal the sunshine law ? Somebody enlighten me. I am public, I need to know.

3 11 2007

Don, come see me on Monday and I’ll give you the scoop. And, until then, go to the links above.
This is not of the good, my friend.

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