And I Respectfully Disagree With Gwen Kinsey

27 09 2007

Several months ago, I pontificated about Brittney Gilbert leaving Nashville is Talking, I have written about what I felt was the neutering of AC Kleinheider’s voice over at Volunteer Voters and I sat back with an open mind.

I did.
There is a conversation over at Music City Bloggers right now about Gwen Kinsey’s statements to Liz Garrigan at the Nashville Scene. There are opposing view points but a lot of the community that participated at the conversation at NiT are talking about this new development.

Ironically, Nashville is talking about Kinsey’s quote. They just aren’t doing it over at that blog, they are doing it over at MCB. I have posted at both places in the spirit of disclosure over the past couple of years.
I wonder what some of the blogs on the eastside of the state have to say about this.

First of all, let’s take a look at what Kinsey has affectively done.

You see, I disagree. Completely. Things are changing in media, but you guys knew that.

I said this over at Brittney’s blog some time ago, and to be honest, I haven’t changed my mind.

Many people I have met over the time I’ve been blogging have told me (and several in Nashville) that when they read blogs that do link and focus on news that they want a bit of personality to go with it. One man was sitting with the blogger formerly known as Huck (He’s still Huck) and said to me “I want to feel a connection with the blogger that I’m reading. I want to read what they are saying, and then go see what they are talking about.”

That guy made a big impression on me. He said he wanted the connection with the blogger. He wanted the sense of community.

We knew things about Brittney that made us come back for more. She was extremely kind and gracious of getting new bloggers a bit of coverage, we know she doesn’t eat meat, she’s smitten with her boyfriend, she loves her dogs and we also knew that she was coming out of the shoot into a new media forum where the rules had not yet been defined. She had some of the nastiest trolls I’ve ever seen attack her at NiT as well as at Sparkwood and 21. She also mediated a dialogue on what bloggers where talking about in Nashville.

Some of it was news. Some of it wasn’t.

As a former Nashvillian, I really liked that concept and I was able to reconnect with the city I love. I was able to reconnect with some old friends and make some new buddies that I wouldn’t trade for love nor money.

With that said, Nashville is Talking was masterful at doing that.

Volunteer Voters is still working as it is a portal for Tennessee/National political news, but Kleinheider’s voice is missed. And it will continue to be missed.

I also whole-heartedly agree with Sean Braisted:

I understand the whole journalistic angle, but I think he always did a pretty good job of delineating his personal opinion from reporting the facts or opinions of others. In other words, we knew what was the actual news story, and what was his personal opinion. To say otherwise, is essentially to assume that the people who read the blog are utterly incompetent at telling the difference between facts and opinion; which may be true of many Fox News watchers or Phil Valentine listeners, but I’m not sure the same holds up when it comes to those who read blogs

So let me throw this out to you. I don’t get WKRN on my satellite package. I get WSMV, but I don’t have the option. But my eyeballs were on the ads that were up on NiT. My eyeballs are on those ads currently on VV. The Nashville community watched the Orne couple’s nine months of being pregnant and having a child. We read Big Joe on the Go and others.

And there was a connection to some degree. I don’t know these folks, but I felt like that the connection of putting a humanity and personality with someone who delivers the news was brilliant.

Blogs are not news most of the time, however, but some of them focus on the news of the day.  If Gwen Kinsey wants to focus on the news, which is her job mind you, I think that’s just skippy. Braisted was right when he said it’s her station and she can do what she wants with it.

But I still think there is such a missed opportunity here. If anyone pays attention, news organizations have tried to put the human element into the news they are delivering. They are doing that all over the place. My newspaper is in the midst of doing that as well. The Times-Gazette in Shelbyville has done this effectively. John Carney and I are old dogs in the news business and we both realize that community interaction is imperative in this brave new world.

The game has changed.  It’s a very delicate balance.

I’m glad that Garrigan asked about AC Kleinheider and the community’s confusion on WKRN’s decisions. I also understand ratings and numbers which is what General Manager’s do.

Ms. Kinsey in the blogging world of Nashville will be known as the GM who took away one community that worked and tried to fabricate one that could be controlled.  I’m not being ugly here, I hear she is a lovely woman who is nice. Know where I heard that?

Brittney Gilbert.

And I also know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I dig Kleinheider. I’ll continue to read him.

And, Knoxville News Sentinel, you are getting it right in the steps you are making.

And I’m done with this.

It is what it is.




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27 09 2007

Now you know why I left. Of course I was a bit of a loose cannon at times. That’s what it takes to produce discussion sometimes. Making people think, feel and react is better than trying not to offend anyone.

27 09 2007

William, thanks for visiting and being part of this discussion.
My favorite quote is “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.”
It doth offend sometimes.
Wishing you well.

27 09 2007
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27 09 2007
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28 09 2007
Busy Mom

For whatever it’s worth, and, I’m certainly not in the ratings business, I don’t give a rats ass about going to a blog that’s an “extension of newsroom stories”.

Sure, someone may be talking about something just reported on WKRN, but, I’m interested in people’s thoughts on, and, discussions about it.

And, by definition, their thoughts are personal. Not the same “personal” as a personal blog or someone’s home life, either.

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